WLCI College

What is WLCI?

WLCI is a leading professional management institute in India. With having 25 learning centers across major cities in Indian subcontinent, we enjoy fairly large presence in domestic education industry.  It was in the year 1996 that WLCI came into existence and since then there is no looking back. Over the past 15 years, we have been recognized for imparting high quality management education to thousands of students worldwide.

The very unique traineeship programme, cutting edge training, industry relevant course curriculum and excellent placements are some of the highlighted features of WLCI College. These impregnable benefits have helped thousands of young people to reckon a bright and successful professional career. Today there are over 12000 WLCI alumni who are successfully placed in leading and reputed companies around the world.

We take this opportunity to provide a unique platform to all alumni’s passed out from WLCI College to meet at a single point and share their experiences so far.  Through this, our alumni can not only stay connected with their college but also their batchmates, teachers and administration people. This is a platform, which would bring back those times spent at WLCI campus. 

Since an educational institution is known by its alumni, WLCI College has put in all possible efforts to help its students over and over again. Students passed out from WLCI are forging great career in almost every professional field. The students at WLCI College have always been creative, hardworking and innovative, who have believed in exploring new challenges every day. It is theirs this ability, which have helped them in winning admiration of their peers as well as their employers. Owing to their own dedication and hard efforts put in by WLCI, today, our alumni stand high amongst professionals in different business fields including Business management courses, Advertising & Graphic Design, Mass Media and Fashion Technology. Standing apart from others, they have won professional awards and numerous projects for their organizations and leading rewarding and successful professional career.

As a learner of WLCI, you will get instant access to a network of more than 12,000 professionals working in hundreds of corporations across the world – such is the strength of the WLCI alumni network. You will thus also be able to find business and job opportunities, not to mention friends, across the globe.

At WLCI we believe in supporting you not only while you are a learner but throughout your professional life. We have therefore, formed an Alumni Federation Committee which is an interactive platform to bring together all our valued alumni. You will also be provided an opportunity to meet, interact and create your own groups or communities through the WLCI Enterprise Social Networking platform. Our search engine for the alumni will allow you to be part of various forums and share your personal and professional experiences and also keep you updated with the latest developments in your profession. 'WLCI World', our online Alumni newsletter will keep you informed with the latest events and happenings at WLCI.


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